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Treating the person, not the disease
Natural, Holistic Healthcare
My Preferred Treatments

My practice is first and foremost based on positively impacting what I see as the foundations of health:


Nutrition        Exercise         Nature         Thoughts & Emotions


Correcting imbalances in these 5 areas is essential to good health. I have found that changes made to lifestyle, diet, activity level, and engagement in the outside world as well as our ‘inside world’ can be the most powerful interventions in relieving many chronic health issues. 

The work of addressing foundational health and reducing presenting symptoms can be accomplished by multiple means and modalities. Most often I will employ a combination of the following practices when working with patients:  

Diagnostic Tools

Understanding the causes of illness takes a great deal of investigation. Naturopathic doctors have the luxury of long visit times with their patients which allows for a full evaluation of symptoms, the workings of all body systems, and health history. Discussion and physical exam are key components of the detective work that takes place. But in health, the more information available the better. Naturopaths utilize numerous diagnostic tools in an effort to determine what is happening in the body.

In BC naturopaths have the ability to requisition blood work. Standard blood chemistry provides a great amount of health information and it is useful to have a record of blood over time to understand changes in health.

Along with this standard form of blood work, ND’s can provide advanced sensitivity (food and common allergens), hormonal, heavy metal, and nutritional testing. This work is done by an outside lab and requires only a drop of blood from the finger, some hair from your head, or a bit of saliva.