Live and Dried Blood Analysis

Peripheral Morphology and Coagulation Assessment

Healthy Blood

Unhealthy Blood

Live Blood Analysis

Peripheral Morphology Assessment

With the help of a high powered microscope, we look closely at a drop of your blood. This is preformed on-the-spot, in office, seconds after the blood is drawn. By examining blood while it is still living, we gain an understanding of the quality and relationships within the circulatory system.

Blood holds a great deal of information.


Investigating the state of red blood cells can provide information about overall energy as their size, shape, and interactions tell of about nutrient and oxygen levels. The activity and status of white blood cells are indicators for immune system health. Infection, inflammation, and signs of auto-immunity are evident. The presence and/or absence of proteins, cholesterol, invading microbes and more presents us with knowledge about specific organ health.

Blood analysis connect the dots between symptoms, cause and treatment.

Dried Blood Analysis

Peripheral Coagulation Assessment

Each drop of blood contains a map of the body.

Disturbances in the natural drying process of blood reveal corresponding imbalances within the organs and systems of the body.

For example, the white and black by-products observed on the image to the left denote intestinal inflammation and toxicity. This central part of the drop relates to the gut as is described by the map image on the right.

How It Works

The two forms of analysis are always performed together, during the same visit.

45 minutes is the minimum amount of time needed for blood analysis. However, an initial visit of 1 and 1/2 hours is mandatory for any patient. Blood analysis is never the sole evaluation tool. A detailed conversation of current issues and past history remains the chief method of gathering information.

Live and dried blood analyses do not negate the need for other forms of testing. Nor is blood analysis diagnostic. Live blood complements standard blood work and is a valuable addition to the category of assessment tools.

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